HubSpot.TV (Review)

One of the more memorable event for me in Cambridge was attending the Hubspot.TV online show, and get a taste of what I like to call the number one Marketing Software company that invented Inbound Marketing, and redefined Marketing entirely.

The work atmosphere at Hubspot offices is something I have never experienced before. I felt it the moment I stepped in the doors, and it stayed with me hours after I left. There are “vibes” coming out from every corner, and the short walk from the front door to the “studio” was full of a positive overwhelming feeling. This is how I define a workplace you actually happy to go to every morning.

Before I go ahead and write about the show, I have to state a few facts:

First: Mike Volpe is much taller than I thought he was. With all seriousness, he is quite tall and big too (in a good way).

Second, Karen Rubin is not short at all. I know she might look short on the 13.2” screen, but in person she is quite tall. More on Karen Rubin, she was actually the first person to introduce herself to me. She remembered me from a twit I left a few days prior to the show. Thanks Karen, it was nice meeting you (thanks for the stickers too, I have them on my Mac already :-).

Okay, back to the review.

It was very interesting to actually meet all the people in person. Brian Halligan, Rick Burnes, Rebecca Corllis, and many more. I did not realize it until the end of the show, but Brian Halligan (CEO of Hubspot) was actually sitting behind me, and at the end of the show he took the initiative to introduce himself to me. We chatted for a few minutes about random topics such as where I am from, and what I do for a living. I noted to him how much I admire everything Hubspot has been doing in the past 2 years, and was hoping that maybe one day I can find myself working for them (wishful thinking at this point -:) .

The room itself was packed with people (I am not sure how many, but it looked like a good 80-90 people), drinking free beers and enjoying different snacks. I never thought the show had so many people, but it did, and it was great.

Overall, it was a great experience. I only wish I lived in Cambridge again, so I can attend the show every week. Maybe next year, when (hopefully) I will come back to Cambridge to complete my MBA.

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  • Itai, thanks so much for the great review! It is always wonderful to have long time fans show up and support the show. Please come back any time you are in the Boston area.

    – Karen