I Added The Facebook Like Button

You Like This
You Like This

I am not quite sure how it will help, but just for fun I added the Facebook Like Button. You can find it at the bottom of each post (note to self: hmm, should it on top or bottom?).

I have to admit that it did cost me some precious time to embed it. I am a novice-minus (if there is such a thing) when dealing with HTML codes, but I do my best to learn. Yesterday was a good example of what not to do when working with HTML…don’t let me go there, but let’s just say that I had to reinstall the Theme all over again…and again :)

I am still trying to understand the difference between the Facebook Share button (the one I have on top :-), and the Like button. I am not quite sure I fully understand it yet. I can see the value of it from a Business perspective (i.e. a business website, or a brand website), but for a simple personal Blog such as mine, I can’t really see the added value. In any case, it is still good to have.

Anyway, it is Friday, the weather is beautiful, and I am hoping to catch up some reading this coming weekend.

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