I Have A New Interesting Position: Inbound Marketing Educator

Inbound Marketing University

I received a very interesting offer today from Inbound Marketing University to become an Inbound Marketing University Educator. What does it entail? Well, for a start it gives me access to all the Inbound Marketing University lectures. But this by itself is not big news because everyone who is a member can access these videos. However, and this is the big news, the offer gives me permission (I think) to share these videos on my website, and by doing so educate the readers of this blog about Inbound Internet Marketing.

In the next few weeks (if all goes well and according to plan) I will publish a series of  Internet Marketing Videos on my Marketing Blog every Friday morning. These videos will cover everything you need to know about Internet Marketing.  Some of the topics that will be covered include:  “How To Blog Effectively?”, “Twitter For Business”, “Social Media, and Building a Community”, and many many more.

You do not need to be a marketer to understand the content in these videos. All you need is a passion and a will to learn new insightful tactics that can help you establish a better relationship with your clients, attract customers to your business, and finally increase sales.

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