Ignorance And Other Mistakes

Angry Inbound Marketer
Angry Inbound Marketer

Traditional PR still exists, and it is uglier than I thought.

Last week, while driving to Trader Joe’s, I happened to listen to a talk show on NPR and was stunned by what I heard. They were interviewing a “famous”  blogger (I wasn’t familiar with his name) who was talking, and raving, about the (in)famous Facebook application Farm Ville. In case you have not heard, you can read about it here.

As I kept listening to the interview, I was dumbfounded by this blogger’s attempt (and also by NPR’s ignorance about the topic) to rave about Farm Ville, which is, as you already know from reading this link, one big scam . Worst, they did not once mentioned  any of the misleading, unethical and spamming techniques the company is using during this interview. All they said is how great and innocent this application is.

I would have expected a minimal effort by the NPR research team to learn about the topic before promoting a company that uses unethical approach to spam its customers.

I guess traditional PR still exists, and it is uglier than I thought.

By the way, if you are wondering about my  choice of picture, please don’t. It is simply the way to describe what I felt doing during the talk.

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