Impersonal Customer Relationship (ICR)

Impersonal Customer Relationship

Smart marketers have long realized that choosing an Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) approaches over a Traditional Marketing  approach, yields more leads and sales to their business.

It is also understood that pursuing this type of approach, especially in SMM, entails a change in the way marketers ought to think and act. One of these changes, not surprisingly, is in the way companies interact with their customers. For instance, instead of referring your customer as “Dear Cardmember, you can simply refer them by their first name, in this case “Mr. Itai Boublil”.

There is an example of an email I received today from Chase Bank:

Dear Cardmember,

If you recently received an e-mail notice titled “…..” it was in reference to a secure message we sent to you in December.You may disregard the e-mail notice, because you should’ve received it at the same time we sent you the secure message…..We apologize for the confusion. Please reply to this message if you have any questions or concerns.Thank you for being a valued Chase customer.


Cardmember Services”

This is what I like to call Impersonal Customers Relationship (ICR). From an Inbound Marketing perspective, I find Chase’s email to be impersonal. If you are going to send me an email, a personal email no less, you should know that my name is not “Cardmember”. Also, I would appreciate if the “person” who sent me the email had a name ( last time I checked Cardmember Services was not a name).

This is only one change a company can enforce to improve their interaction with their assets (clients), and make it more personal. Make your clients feel as if they are more than just small bolts in a big money making machine.

Have you ever had this type of experience?

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