Investing in Content is Important, But What About Investing in Your Readers?

A modern hacker #1

We have been taught to invest in our content. Content is king, you read everywhere, and it is true. Content is good for SEO, good for establishing your brand as a thought leader, and attracting users to your site. But, have you ever thought about the comments your users leave? Do you take the time to reply these comments? If so, do you really put your thought and mind into how you reply it? Leaving a ‘loved this’ or ‘thanks for this’ comment is equivalent of poking someone on Facebook; the 2 seconds you took to do it is the same 2 seconds of thought the reader will give to it before forgetting it.

Leaving a comment is your chance to create a relationship between you and your readers. These are a few things you can do to show your readers you care about what they have to say:

  • If a reader asks a question, take the time to write an elaborated answer. Make sure you leave them with a call to action, by asking them if the information was enough.
  • Provide links in your comments that send the reader to insightful resources that can answer her question. It is a good way to show your readers that you really value what they have to say.
  • Share your own experience with them. This shows empathy on your part.
  • If a reader provides some additional information to what you wrote, make to sure to add it to your post as an update, and credit the reader.

I agree that content is important on so many levels, but building a relationship and recognizing your readers view is equally important if you want to see these readers coming back to your site.

Can you think of other things to add to this list?

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