Mac vs. PC, an Inbound Marketing Purchase Experience

Mac or PC?
Mac or PC?

I am finally back to writing after a very long period (for me anyway)of 10 days without a computer. The only way I could communicate with the outside social media world is by using my iPod touch, which was not fun at all (especially in the morning when I go through my RSS reading).

I have been wanting to purchase a Mac for a very long time, and finally I had the opportunity to do so this past weekend after my computer (PC) decided to crash for no good reason. I never used a Mac before, so naturally I was a bit apprehensive before making a decision to switch. I am glad I did.

As an entrepreneur and a marketer, I believe that a product should have a few simple, but very important, characteristics:

  • Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Creativity (not the same as innovation)

The Mac has it all, and then some. After so many years of using a PC , switching to Mac opened an entire new world of simplicity and creativity, which I have never experienced before with any of the other (PCs) computers I owned. It is only after using Pages, and Numbers I realized how much aggravation I could have saved by simply switching to Mac earlier (Note: there are many more features, but I do not intend to cover them in this post)

The entire purchase experience was something I truly enjoyed. No push, no “must sell” attitude, and of course genuineness. I write genuineness because I made sure to check a few technical details prior to the purchase, and used it to test the salesman who helped me. He did not fail, and in fact, did a great job in selling me only what I needed, and no extra (i.e. salesman at best buy, for example, will always try to sell more than what you really need).

The reason for this type of approach is simple. Apple knows what their products worth, and their technical force knows it too.

How is this related to social media marketing? Simply by having the right attitude and approach to your community. The salesman used pull marketing instead of trying to push me into something that I didn’t need.”. He was their to help first, and not to make a sell. The service after the purchase was friendly, and made me feel as if Apple is my personal friend. I like this type of attitude, especially when you spend a lot of money on a very good machine.

Just for general information, I purchased a MacBook Pro.

Do you own a Mac? Can you share your experience?

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