MET-Rx Protein Shake Review

MET-Rx Protein Shake
MET-Rx Protein Shake

If you don’t consume any protein shakes to supplement your training, I suggest you skip this post. I write it mainly because I think it can help some readers of this blog save some money and also get a good product :).

Over the past decade+ I ‘ve consumed many types of protein powders from different brands to supplement my post-workout meals. Some were okay, some were meh and some were horrible. To be frank, I never really found the right formula that left me with a”wow” feeling. All brands were pretty consistent with how they tasted, as if they were all made by the same factory ( hmm, that’s an interesting point…).

Today, while I was grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, I came across a brand that pioneered the MRP industry, MET-Rx.  I was short on protein shake and decided to give it a chance. I picked the chocolate flavor container and hoped for the best. To be honest, I didn’t really have high hopes but since I needed a protein shake, and this one was right there, I decided to purchase it . And I am glad I did!

The chocolate shake tasted like ice cream, and it was thick and very tasty. Delicious actually! In fact, my first reaction was to pick up the container and re-read the ingredients/nutrition facts label. I was sure I made a mistake and accidentally selected a MRP (a powder loaded with fat, carbs and protein) instead of a protein powder. I didn’t. It was a regular protein powder, which was low on carbs and fat, and high on protein.

This is how I prepared my shake:

  • 8oz of 1/% milk
  • 8oz of cold water
  • 1 scoop of MET-Rx chocolate protein powder
  • shake
  • drink

I highly recommend this powder! It is by far the best protein powder I have ever tried. 


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