Movie Review – Free Men

Free Men Movie
Free Men Movie

We watched an excellent movie last night titled “Free Men”. It is hard to describe it extensively without revealing all the twists in the plot so instead,  here is a short quote from a detailed review I found on the web:

“Inspired by true stories,” as the opening credits claim, Free Men follows the travails of a young Algerian immigrant, Younes (Rahim), who at the start of the film tries to make a dime peddling black market goods during the Nazi occupation. When he’s arrested and threatened with torture or worse, Younes accepts to spy on the elite community hidden with the pristine walls of the Mosque of Paris, whose rector, Ben Ghabrit (Lonsdale), is suspected of providing Jews with false identification papers.

I like movies that offer twists in the main story and this movie certainly offers lots of twists. On a personal level, I never knew that North African Muslims helped Jews escape the Nazis. In all the years I was taught about the holocaust stories when living in Israel, this was never mentioned to me. It is a shame, because I am sure most of Israelis Jews don’t even know it happened.

One of the main characters in the film is singer Salim Halali. I am not going to give any spoilers here, but just say that his voice was amazing. Check out the video below to here a sample of his voice:


Storyline aside, the movie itself is very pleasant to watch in terms of scenery and videography. The director did a brilliant job with filming some of the Parisians sites.  Some of the scenes made us want to book a ticket and fly to Paris, which we’ll probably will anyway :). Nicely done!

Overall it is a great movie to watch and I highly recommend it. Watch the trailer below:


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