My Reflections on The Past Week in Israel

Ohad & Shani
Ohad & Shani

I spent the past 7 days in Israel, among dear friends and family, and really had a great time. The visit was a bit bittersweet since I did not get to travel with my wife, but there were some special events that made this trip a very special one. The reason I had to travel was to attend my nephew’s wedding. The first nephew in the family to get married is always a milestone, and it is an event I could not miss.

This trip was very special to me, not only because of the wedding, which I will elaborate in a moment, but also because of the number of family members I managed to meet. Normally, I get to see only a handful of them, but this time I managed to see all of them and then some. Meeting cousins I used to play with when I was still little ( Chen, Ayelet, Zion, Ely, Yehuda, Kfir, Ronen, Liad, Yaniv, and so many others!) was truly priceless. Beside the fact that now we are all connected via Facebook (Thanks Mark), we got to talk face to face and share funny and unforgettable moments. The only odd thing in all this was when we said to each other that these events took place more than 25 years ago! Wow! It feels like yesterday!

The wedding was very special and emotional. Rumors have it that my brother shed a tear. My brother never shed a tear, but I have to admit that this event was very emotional, thus it would not surprise if he actually did shed a tear (it is his son after all). It was also emotional not only because it was my nephew’s wedding, no, it was emotional because of the type of person my nephew is. Hundreds of people showed up, people I have never seen in my life, and they all had one thing in common: a deep appreciation and friendship toward my nephew, Ohad. Business partners, friends, vendors, and what not. They were all there, and they were all dancing, they were all laughing, they were all hugging, and they were all genuinely happy. It was a very special wedding.

Unfortunately, because of the short time of this visit, I did not get to see many of my friends. Time wasn’t on my side, and it is a shame because these friends are very important to me. Hopefully we will come visit in the summer, for a longer time, and fill in this void.

All in all, I had a very good time. It was very special on so many levels, but now it is time to go back home to another wonderful news. While I was here, Irm, my wife, received some amazing news.  She was offered a contract for her book, the very one she was working on for the past many years! And if that is not enough, the editor wants to publish it immediately for a worldwide distribution! This decision also gets the “wow” factor because the book received great reviews and was recommended for publication with very minimal revision. This is amazing! Great job Irm! Vindication is one word that comes to mind when I read this.

These are some of the pictures from the wedding:

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  • Irm

    I am so glad you got to be with your family on this very special occasion.

  • Thanks, Irm :) Be back in a few hours…