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Google Wave
Google Wave

I have been “using” Google Wave for over 2 months now. I write “using” because even though I had the privilege (good job Google for making us desire the product so much, that now I call it a “privilege”) of using the service, I did not know enough people who A) had Google Wave, and B) knew how to use it. Yes, I watched the Google tutorial videos, I read the blogs, but I still was not sure about its functionality in my social media sphere.

Now, after using the service extensively for more than a week, I think I am “in thrilled” once again. I discovered a new world in the social media sphere, and this world is called Google Wave.

These are 5 elements I think make Google Wave a great tool:

  1. It is a fast communication platform. In contrast to Twitter, you actually get notified when one of your contacts send you a wave (note: you need to have a Google Wave notifier, just like a Gmail notifier but for Google Wave).
  2. You can add as many users to the conversation, or “wave”, which makes it a great project management tool, or any group discussion tool.
  3. It has all the features of an email, social media, and then some. Just like a real wave that travels on the ocean’s surface in high speed, the “waves” of conversations travel much faster with all the features available to the users on the Google Wave toolbar.
  4. The use of Google Wave felt much more personal to me than Twitter. On Twitter, for example, conversations, or tweets, start and finish fast. Google Wave is different. I had times that I exchanged more than 30 “waves” in one conversation (hence the personal feeling).
  5. The last thing I liked- and I know it might sound irrelevant, but I still liked it- is the fact that you can literally see the person on the other end of the “wave” typing, erasing, thinking, and typing again. I found this feature quite exciting, although I do not see it benefiting anyone marketing wise.

So, is it a perfect product? Not quite. There are few faults about Google Wave, which I am sure Google will eventually fix (just like they did with Gmail when it first came out):

  1. Google Extensions are not available to Mac users (although it might change this weekend), which eliminates any use of the Google Wave notifier I was mentioning earlier. This is annoying because you literally have to check your account quite frequently  to see if any of your friends “waved” you. Hopefully this will be fixed soon with the release of the extensions package for Mac users.
  2. Like any new product, it took me time to figure out how to use all the functions available, and with this I mean even the simplest function like adding a contact. It was not clear to me, and I know I am not the only one. I had a few friends who could not even find the reply button, which is really quite “hidden” with all the other widgets on the toolbar.
  3. Lastly, Google really limited the amount of people who can use Google Wave. This makes it difficult to use, because not that many people have Google Wave. In that sense this product is pretty much useless unless you find someone to “wave” with. Luckily for me, I had a few friends who were “privileged” enough to have it.

Overall, I like Google Wave very much. I think it is a great addition to the Social Media sphere, and I am anxiously waiting to see in what way marketing leading companies like Hubspot will integrate it into the Inbound Marketing sphere.

If you have Google Wave, I would love to read your thoughts on it.

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  • Great review. I appreciate your candor and openness in writing as well. Like many, it’s hard to figure out what new bright and shiny object is worth spending time on. My initial “feeling” was it wasn’t going to be a purely intuitive – fun – exploration of a new tool. The good news is Google probably has a vision, of which, the end result is a functionality, and from this point forward the user’s input primarily defines the streets and highways to get to the final destination. I’m sure Google folks will value your input, as we all do.

  • Thank you Gary for your input! I read an interesting article today on Google Blog saying that GW will basically change what we know today as Email. I read a little more about it, and found out about the gadgets GW offers, and to be honest I think Google is on to something. The level of interaction is so high and sophisticated, that i can not even conceive its entire operation.

    Let’s wait and see, my friend, what the future holds for us..:-)

  • Appreciate the Google Wave review. I have same challenge in that I don’t know enough people who have it or know how to use it. I can also see great potential and look forward to start using it on more regular basis.
    Let’s explore more….

  • Thank you for your comment. The way I see it, Google Wave will probably change the way we communicate with each other. It almost seems an attempt to create a new Email platform, which is quite intriguing and exciting at the same time. Give it some time, and start creating small waves with people you know, it is the only way to test it, learn it.
    I think what makes it really powerful are the gadgets it provides. The marketing possibilities are endless.

    It is an exciting time to be an Inbound Marketer :-)

  • Thanks for the review. I think Google Wave is something that will become really successful once enough people start using it. Knowing Google it won’t take long to gather the critical mass of users to get Wave really rolling.

    I have been using it within my company for project collaboration and general communication for about a month now and it has become an invaluable tool for us. Using Google Wave simplified our internal communication and increased productivity by quite a bit. No more bouncing emails back and forth, waiting for the other side to reply … it’s like email meets instant messaging on steroids.

    We use it as a project management tool, work sheets, internal memo board, track of payments, to-do list, link exchange plus normal day to day communication.

    Yes it is a bit rocky at times and the speed could be better, but considering how useful it is for us even now while Google Wave is still in it’s very early stages, I think it’s safe to say it’s really going to be a huge success.

  • That is exactly how I see Google Wave operating in the business world. It is a perfect tool for it. However, I also see it as changing the way we, as people, communicate with each other. I tested it for an email platform the other day, and I absolutely loved it.
    You are right to say that once we get more people on it, we will see Google Wave growing to different dimensions, much bigger dimensions.

  • Very nice review of GWave. it is great to see the positive pulse of the comments on your blog. I have just posted an article on my site about using G Wave for marketing and Blogging. If you are interested you can read it at

    I am preparing a new Pdf that you can download for free. It should be ready in about two weeks. Inside I have a list of over 100 robots you can use and a ton of other info.

    Thanks for Sharing your Thoughts,
    Larry Williams