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Last time I blogged was over three months ago, when I first started my ‘new’ position at the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD). Lots of things have happened since then, all positive and exciting.

The NCLD Experience

“So, how is your new job?”, I got asked numerous times since I left Princeton. I think the best way to describe my new job is this: if someone came to me and asked me to write down the ideal job (in terms of things I want to do), I think it would have come out similar to what I do now. I get to do inbound marketing, which I love, but I also get to be creative and I am encouraged to stay innovative. For those of you who know me, creativity and innovation are the essence of me.

And then there are the people, or the NCLD team as we like to call it. “Team” is indeed the correct word to describe the collegiality, friendship, common interests and overall positive vibes that flow in the office. From the Executive Director to the intern level, we all get along, we all laugh together, we all enjoy what we do and every person brings a unique set of skills to his or her position. There are no overlaps. Our executive director, James Wendorf , told me during my interview with him that “everyone in NCLD is like family”. I couldn’t conceptualize what he meant back then, but I do now. It is true. Everyone at NCLD IS indeed like family.

Working for a nonprofit (at least at NCLD) is like working for a Startup, minus the profit. The excitement, the pressure to perform, the exhilaration when your community reacts to your effort and the feedback you get from the founders. These are all there, on a daily basis, and it is something that is very addictive. I like it, some won’t, which is fine. That is why we are different :)


I am hoping to slowly get back to writing on my blog again. The transition to a fast pace, fast-think environment required me to use a lot of brain-power, which meant that something had to give. Now that I (hope) have things under control I can try and blog again. Some marketing stuff, some personal stuff.

Before I end this post I would like to share this video with you ( You’ll find me in this video, btw). It was shown during NCLD’s 35th anniversary benefit dinner, where we managed to raise more than 2.45 million dollars! An all time record! Money and records aside, what is more important are the changes and hope we give to children with learning disabilities. You will notice in the video that Lee Hirsch, the director of the eye opening documentary Bully, also talks about NCLD’s work. It was an amazing experience working with the Bully team, but this one I’ll save for another post.

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