NYC Food Carts Revolutionaries Join The Social Media Realm

There is a revolution taking place in NYC, and for once it does not involve fashion nor celebrities.

What is common to Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, Bistro Truck, and Holton Farms? They are all using trucks to sell food in the streets of  NYC, and they all do it by using Social Media!

Equipped with a laptop, wifi, and a twitter/Facebook accounts, these revolutionaries are changing the way NYC famous food carts are doing business.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, for instance, is using Twitter to promote specials and tweet its location at any given moment so people will know where to go when in search for an Ice Cream.

Bistro Truck is taking online orders via email, and uses Twitter to tweet its location, and new dishes, adding pictures such as “soup of the day”, to instill hunger in people’s mind (quite smart if you ask me). In addition, they use Facebook as a publishing platform for articles and some PR. The owner of Bistro Truck , Yassir Raoull, claims that 10-15% of their sales come from using Social Media. Not bad.

Holton Farms uses Twitter and facebook in the same way, and have people waiting in line minutes after they tweet to get some of their delicious sandwiches.

What I liked the most about their interaction on Twitter is that they really get personal with their clients. Inbound Marketing is about building relationships with your clients and engaging them to build trust (which at the end create leads), and these guys are mastering it like true marketers.

I find the fact that these vendors are using social media in such a brilliant way exciting. By using social media, these revolutionaries managed to reach out to a new market, and create a niche in their industry.

So next time you are in NYC, make sure to check their Twitter account and get to learn about the Ice Cream of the day :)

What do you think? Are you familiar with these vendors?

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