Plagiarism + Blogging= CopyScape


Remember this formula: Plagiarism + Blogging= The End of Your Blogging Career.  There is no forgiveness for plagiarism, none. The moment you get caught, you can kiss your blogging career goodbye, give up writing, and watch your analytics numbers go down the toilet. If you are a small business owner, my advice to you is to find a new profession, or focus on expensive outbound marketing to generate sales.

There are a few ways to deter you from plagiarizing. First you memorize the formula I mentioned in the paragraph above. Then, you memorize the formula I mentioned in the title. CopyScape! CopyScape is a service that provides a free plagiarism checker for finding copies of your web pages online. That is not all.  It also offers free plagiarism warning banners for your website to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content (I already have mine, just look up to your right:). Hold on, there is more. In addition, it provides two more powerful professional solutions for preventing content theft and content fraud.

Are you a plagiarist? If so, I need you to know that you are being watched. If you own a blog, I highly recommend to use this service to protect your content.

What do you think? Will you use it?

Do not forget to add the banner to your site. It can only help.

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