Queen Rania Invites You To jordan…For Free!

Queen Rania Al Abdullah
Queen Rania Al Abdullah

I love the way Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan, is promoting her country. Her latest video offers a swapping contest that is absolutely  genius. The concept is quite simple: “2 people from Jordan will swap locations with 2 tourists for 1 week. How? Well, if you’ve never been to Jordan, we’ll pay for you and a friend to come and visit the country. If you live in Jordan, we’ll swap you and a friend (temporarily!) with the other winners and take you on a tour of their country. It’s cross-cultural dialogue with air miles!”

This is where the genius (for a marketing geek such as myself) part lies: it is all pure social media approach!

These are the rules: upload a video to TwitVid saying why you’d like to visit Jordan, and post it with @queenrania #TwisitJordan. If you live in Jordan, tell Queen Rania why you love your country, again with @queenrania #TwisitJordan.

Once the contest is over, four videos will be chosen, and two people from abroad will be swapped with two people from Jordan with full expenses paid by the Kingdom (talk about an incentive! full expenses paid!).

What I like the most about this initiative (beside the fully paid trip of course) is the way Queen Rania is using Social Medial to promote the contest. She is using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flicker, her website, and Twitvid to reach every corner of the social media sphere. Now that is a smart marketing approach! Kudos!

What do you think? Do you see yourself posting a video to win a free trip to Jordan?

You can watch her video below

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