Random Thoughts+Heading to Boston+Watching Hubspot.TV LIVE!


This post covers some thoughts that I needed to put in writing (for future reference).

If you follow me on Facebook/Twitter, you probably noticed a new status update that keeps appearing in your newsfeed, one that comes with a map and a location attached to it. I am using a new service from Foursquare, which is a really fun service. In a sentence, the service is a great way to locate and discover places to hangout by simply searching what your friends are doing at a particular moment.  It is particularly helpful, lets say, if you are planning to go out and you find out that Joe’s Bar is serving free beers until 11:00PM by simply reading the “tip” your friends wrote. There are plenty of other features it offers, but I do not plan to cover them all in this post.  The best way to explore it is by simply creating your account, and start building your community. It is fun.

From a Business Owner perspective, the marketing opportunities are more than I can mention in one post. Free offers, and coupons are just the tip of the iceberg of how small businesses can use this fun service. Overall, I think it is a great service. How big they grow depends mostly on what market adaption strategy they choose to follow. My advice, focus on both Business and User and then bring them together. People like free offers, and if free offers bring two ends together, then so be it.

On a different topic, I read a very interesting article today stating that the New York Times (NYT) is planning to charge money for their content on the web by 2011.

In one word, Wrong! Content is king, but with so much free content “floating” in the social media sphere, I just cannot see how the NYT is going to pull this off. I am sure they will get some loyal subscribers, but it is not going to be much, and in fact, I am positive that the NYT will alienate more readers from this 1999 strategy, than they will get subscribers. I guess I will have to wait till the end of 2011 to find out.

My last thought is on the ongoing technological revolution that is taking place right now, mainly by Apple, Google, and a dozen other electronic and automobile firms.

I find this whole process fascinating. To think that my TV will soon turn to a social media platform, free movies hub, and a personal computer is just too much to absorb in one reading. 2010 is going to be a great year for technology and ,most importantly, to consumers.

On a very exciting note, we are heading to Boston this weekend to meet our dear friend Dimitri before he moves back to Greece. I thought it would a great opportunity for me to finally watch Hubspot.tv LIVE, which is something I always wanted to do ever since they started the show more than a year ago. I will make sure to take pictures to all of you who watch the show, and of course blog about it once I come back.

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  • Awesome my friend! So glad you’re finally making it to Boston. I can’t make HSTV tomorrow but maybe could meet up for some coffee or something if you’re around all weekend.

  • Thanks Dan. I am actually really excited about the idea of watching HSTV. Pictures and a blog post will follow :-)

    Maybe we can meet Saturday?