Restaurant Review: Ajihei (Japanese)


Last night we decided to (finally) try Ajihei, a Japanese restaurant located in Princeton, NJ. I’v heard and read many good reviews about this place, and finally I decided to investigate what people rave about so much.

The Food

Though expensive in comparison to what’s around, it is not without merit. This is the ultimate sushi experience hidden away beneath street level in a small university town. No Sushi place around the area even comes close to delivering the quality I’ve had in Ajihei, and for good reason considering the chef once worked under Iron Chef Morimoto.

For appetizers, we ordered the Ebi Shumai, and the Japanese pickles dish. Both were very delicious, particularly the Shumai which was fresh and not gooey as other Shumai dishes I tried in the past.

For our main meal, I ordered the Rainbow Roll and the Dragon Roll  for myself, and it was absolutely delicious! The fish was literally melting in my mouth, and the rice was perfectly cooked. I have yet to try such level of freshness in a sushi before.

Irm ordered some Salmon cutlets (I cannot recall the name of it), with fried mash potato (they were delicious). The salmon was very fresh, and came with a special homemade sauce that had some mango, soy sauce and other spices mixed in it (highly recommended).

Though on the expensive side, we both truly enjoyed our meals!

I highly recommend this place if you are looking to experience a well prepared and extremely fresh sushi.

Rate: 5 STARS

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