Restaurant Review: Finale Desserterie & Bakery (Cambridge, MA)

Our next and final stop after the Indian Restaurant, was Finale Desserterie and Bakery in Cambridge.

Finale is a place we always associate more with good memories with friends and family,  than with its delicious desserts. We used to go there so often, that by now we are familiar with most of their wonderful desserts.

We decided to order three different plates to share with each other.

Our first dessert was the Molten Chocolate signature desserts. The Molten is a baked-to-order warm chocolate cake with a gooey center, served with coffee gelato, milk chocolate covered almonds and Valrhona chocolate sauce. This is a rich and tasty dessert.

Our second dessert was the Boston Cream cake. The Boston Cream features a delicious yellow cake, cream and chocolate. Also includeed are chocolate whoopee pies, a vanilla gelato sandwich with cherry almond florentines, apricot sauce and fresh fruit. We enjoyed this one.

Our third and last dessert was the Hot Fudge Sundae. If you love Sundae ice cream, this one is for you. It featured Tahitian vanilla gelato with fudge brownie pieces, hot Valrhona fudge sauce, fresh whipped cream and topped with a candied maraschino cherry. Heaven!

To be honest, we could not finish all of what we ordered. We came to Finale soon after we finished eating at the Indian restaurant. A better idea would have been to take a long break, and then come to Finale. It was still very good, and highly recommended. If you find yourself in Cambridge, craving for something sweet, Finale is definitely a place you want to try.

Finale Desserts
Finale Desserts

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