Restaurant Review: Gusto (Singapore)

Gusto is a restaurant located in the heart of Orchard Road, right outside the ion mall, that offers diners modern Italian cuisine with a touch of innovation. The atmosphere in this restaurant is very vibrant, and diners have the option to sit indoors or outdoors and enjoy music as well international soccer on TV screens. What makes the outside sitting area even more pleasant is that it is decorated with lots of trees and flowers, creating a nice ambiance for the diners.

Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)

For appetizers we ordered a dish called the‘bread board’ which comprised of warm, crispy char-grilled bread accompanied by olive oil butter and a kind of crushed raspberry balsamic jam. This combination of dips was delicious and it created a symphony of sweet-and-sour jam with a punchy creamy sweetness of the olive oil butter in our taste buds. It was a great choice!

Bread Board - Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)
Bread Board – Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)

For our main meal we ordered two dishes: Chicken Milanese and the Pair of Mini Burgers. The Chicken Milanese was a boneless chicken thigh dipped in herb and garlic crumb, which was fried and then topped with tomato and mozzarella. It reminded me of a schnitzel, the kind my mom used to cook when I was a child. The little piece I tried left a positive impression in my taste buds, although I thought the amount of cheese was a bit too much.

Chicken Milanese  - Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)
Chicken Milanese – Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)

The Pair of Mini Burgers was an interesting combination of small, tender burger patties topped with scarmorza, fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, and a truffle relish. The burger petties were neatly placed on mini brioche buns and were accommodated by a nice portion of freshly fried french fries, which were very tasty. All these flavors combined very well to create an interesting eating experience. The only two complaints I have is that the petties were a bit on the raw side and the buns were a bit dry. However, this didn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the dish.

Pair of Mini Burgers - Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)
Pair of Mini Burgers – Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)

I also ordered, for the first time ever, the infamous Singapore Sling: a Southeast Asian cocktail made with gin, grenadine syrup, angostura bitters, cherry brandy, cointreau and benedictine. It’s considered to be Singapore’s national drink and, as such, it was on my list of cocktails to try for a long time. For a person, like me, who doesn’t drink alcohol, this cocktail can give you an immediate ‘knockout’ feeling, to use a boxing terminology. As refreshing as the drink was – it was fruity and zesty – I could not go beyond a few sips.

Singapore Sling - Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)
Singapore Sling – Gusto Alfresco Restaurant (Singapore)


Gusto restaurant was a fair culinary experience. Although it offered some unique menu options, most of the dishes were quite basic and the prices were on the high end.

 (3 stars)










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