Restaurant Review: Hanami (with pictures)

Restaurant Critique
Restaurant Critique

Last night ,Irm, Babagee (my father in law) and I dined at Hanami Japanese Cuisine just outside Princeton, NJ.

We had a great time celebrating Irm’s birthday, and enjoying the great company of her father, which I always enjoy very much.

For starters we had an order of Shumai, which was very good. Often time this dish will be a bit gooey, but to my surprise it did not disappoint.

For her main dish Irm ordered the Wood Chip Grilled Beef Tenderloin, which had wasabi truffle butter, caramelized baby veggies & teriyaki pudding. It was excellent!

Babagee ordered the Filet with Black Pepper Sauce, which had Asparagus, snow peas, water chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms and baby corn. This dish is relatively a bigger dish than the previews one, which makes it a good choice if you are hungry.

I ended up oredering three rolls of sushi, the Hulk, the Red Dragon, and the Hanami.

The Hulk had Spicy white tuna & tempura flakes inside with yellow tail, avocado & wasabi tobiko on top.

The Red Dragon had Shrimp tempura & spicy mayo topped with spicy tuna & tempura flakes.

The Hanami had Tuna, yellow tail, salmon, kani, tobiko, avocado wrapped with cucumber.

All of the sushi dishes were very fresh and delicious, though a bit expensive.

All in all, we had a great time together.

The Hulk
The Hulk
The Hanami
The Hanami
The Red Dragon
The Red Dragon

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  • Irm

    It was a wonderful evening and the food made it even more wonderful. The food really was very delicious. I couldn’t stop talking about it even today!

  • gali

    ואני לתומי חשבתי שאתה אכלת במסעדה הודית..
    זה נראה ניפלא וטעים.. לעומתך אני אכלתי עוף בתפא’ אדמה עם פילפלים ממולאים זה הלהיט אצלי בבית בערב שבת בתקופה האחרונה..
    שיהיה שבת שלום ושקט.