Restaurant Review: Koh Grill & Sushi Bar (Singapore)

Last night, we decided to revive our Friday Night Sushi tradition. I had recently come across a name of a Sushi restaurant in Singapore called Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, so we decided to go and explore their menu. They had two main dishes that I wanted to try: Shioki Maki and Shioki Maki ‘second generation’; these came highly recommended as signature dishes.

We arrived at the place (located on Orchard Road, not too far from the MRT station) around 9pm and found the place to be packed (see photo below). I thought that this must be a good sign! After about 20-25 minutes of waiting, we finally got our table. It’s very common to share tables in Singapore, so we weren’t surprised when we were seated next to other sharing the same table. In a way, this was interesting, as we got a chance to see what the couples sitting next to us were ordering.

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
Long lines = good food?

The restaurant had a visual menu, which meant there were more pictures and less explanatory text. Since I knew what I wanted, we took a few more minutes to explore the menu to find what Irm would like. Our waitress was very helpful in guiding us through the menu to find out which dish contained MSG and which didn’t. I say this because most places in Singapore seem to get a bit defensive when we ask the MSG question. Some locals seem not to know what we were talking about, while others seem to copt an unfriendly attitude, so getting someone to help us with this issue (with a smile) was a refreshing change.

Our food arrived on our table after about 10 minutes. The first thing I noticed about my dish was that it was covered with some white sauce, which at first looked like melted cheese. However, it was a hefty amount of a mayonnaise sauce instead. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like creativity in food but in this case I thought the chef went overboard with the sauce. Sushi, in my humble opinion, is about contrasts in flavors: the fish, the rice, the herbs. If the chef decides to load the roll with mayo, s/he de facto cancels all the flavors of the sushi itself. All I could taste while digging through the sauce was mayo. No fish, no rice, just mayo. It’s a shame because the dish in itself was an interesting combination of fish that I would have liked to have tasted in a roll without the sauce. Irm’s dish offered the same disappointing experience.

Irm's Dish
Irm’s Dish
Shioki Maki. Way too much mayo!
Shioki Maki. Way too much mayo!
Shioki Maki second generation
Shioki Maki second generation. Way too much mayo!

Overall, our culinary experience at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar did not impress us. I can’t rank the place since we haven’t explored the rest of the dishes on the menu, but as far as the two signature dishes that we tried, I can’t see what all the fuss is about!

The big highlight of the night, however, was the discovery of a new Cafe: Paris Baguette Cafe. We enjoyed a wonderful slice of cake there, paired with a good cup of Earl Gray tea, which was much needed to calm our stomach after the mayo attack we experienced. It was too late at night to try their vast selection of croissants, but I’m sure we’ll get back there again soon.

Paris Baguette Cafe.
Paris Baguette Cafe. Delicious cake


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  • bowzshow

    While I eat sushi, I alway ask for the spicy mayo sauce on the side, but, I usually use it after few bites. It’s a crime to read what they did to you

  • Haha, yes, a crime indeed. :)