Restaurant Review: Moc Moc Sushi (again)

Moc Moc Sushi
Moc Moc Sushi

Yesterday, I finally had the chance to taste Moc Moc sushi. We have been to this restaurant in the past, but I have never tried their sushi before, which I have been told was very good.

I ordered the “Transformer Roll” from the gourmet sushi chef menu, which was absolutely delicious. The roll is made with tuna, salmon, white tuna, plus avocado, and wrapped with seaweed. It was lightly fried and topped with spicy sauce. In addition, I also ordered the Spider Roll, which was made with soft shell crab, cucumber and caviar all wrapped in seasoned rice. It was very tasty.

Irm ordered the Salmon Teriyaki dish, which she said wasn’t as good as last time.

All in all, I really enjoyed their sushi.

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