Restaurant Review: Moc Moc

Moc Moc
Moc Moc

Last night Irm and I tried a new Japanese restaurant in town named Moc Moc. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the place in the beginning because of its peculiar location (a side street in Princeton that no one ever crosses), but after listening to my colleague raving about the place we decided to give a try.

The food was absolutely delicious!

I particularly enjoyed the crab salad I ordered as an appetizer. It was spicy and somewhat sweet at the same time, and was mixed with tobiko (fish eggs), which I like very much. I have seen so many places that do a “good job” ruining this dish, and I was glad to see that the chef at Moc Moc knew what he was doing. Irm ordered the Fried Tempura as her appetizer, and thought it was made to perfection.

Normally I order sushi as my entrée when I go to Japanese restaurants, but this time I decided to order something different so I asked for the seafood Yaki Udon. It was an excellent choice, and  I enjoyed it very much. The dish had fresh chopped vegetables mixed in it, with lots of thick noodles and a variety of seafood. The servings were big, which I liked as well.

All in all, we had a good time dinning at Moc Moc. We will definitely go back there to try their sushi. If you are in Princeton, make sure to put it on your list of places to dine.

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  • Irm

    Salmon teriyaki was delicious too!! We only wish we had enough room for dessert. Next time!