Restaurant Review: Saray Turkish Restaurant (Boston)

It became a tradition for us to eat at Saray Turkish Restaurant every time we visit Boston.

Dimitri, Irm and I ate there last night, and as always were very satisfied with the quality and the authenticity of the food.

For appetizers, we had some homemade (really homemade) hot hummus covered with sauté pine-nuts and butter. This ,of course, was topped with fresh cumin to give it a unique taste.

Also for appetizers, we had what is called “The Jerusalem Salad”. Fresh chopped cucumbers/tomatoes/red onions/and parsley covered with salt, black paper all mixed with lemon juice, and covered with fresh homemade Tahini. This is Irm’s favorite salad.

The appetizers came with freshly baked Turkish bread, which was extraordinary tasty.

For our main dishes, Dimitri and I ordered “the Special”, which is a dish that offers every single meat dish the restaurant has to offer placed on a plate (see picture number 1). This dish is highly recommended if you ever choose to dine in Saray.

Irm had a very good shish kabob, which was grilled to perfection (picture number 2)

For desserts, we ordered a selection of some Turkish sweets, which again was very satisfying and very fresh (see picture number 3).

I have yet to find a middle eastern restaurant that is as true to its culinary roots as Saray is. The selection of spices is carefully picked to match the unique Middle Eastern Cuisine taste I grew up on, which makes the food unique, tasty, and different than other so called Middle Eastern restaurants.

If you are in the Boston area, you definitely need to pay a visit to Saray. You will not be disappointed.

"The Special"
The Special
Shish Kabob (Saray)
Shish Kabob
Saray Turkish Sweets
Saray Turkish Sweets

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