Restaurant Review: Tamarind Bay (Cambridge, MA)

Saturday night we decided to explore some Indian food, and the first place that came to mind was Tamarind Bay in Cambridge. Irm dined in the place a few times, so we decided to follow her advice

The restaurant is very small, and located at the basement level. There is something about small restaurants that does not agree with me, but it was not that bad that I was going to say no to a good Indian food.

For appetizers, we had the Chilli Batata: Potato edges and bell peppers cooked in chili sauce. This dish was very delicious, and also spicy (very spicy), so I suggest ordering some Naan to go along with it.

Our second appetizer was the Saag Aloo Tikki:  Spinach & potato cakes served with tamarind and mint chutney. This dish is highly recommended. The combination of the mint and spinach is a culinarily haven, especially when topped with the special sauce that is provided.

For our entrées we ordered three different dishes:

The Raahra Gosht, lamb simmered in a wok over a period of time until it turns crisp brown & garnished with fresh coriander, was a bit too oily to my taste. In fact, it was our least favorite dish because of its high level of oil (literally, the lamb was floating in oil). Suffice it to say we did not particularly like the dish, although it was not so bad that we could not finish it.

Our second entrée, Bhindi Adrak okra seasoned with ginger and onions sauce, was a little bit better, but we found the okra to be somewhat softer than traditional Bhindi (it had “mashed potato” like consistency).

Our third entrée was the Murge Malai Palak. Tender pieces of chicken cooked in spinach & cream sauce. The dish is a good choice if you enjoy eating creamy spinach and chicken. I thought it tasted better mixed with the Raahra Gosht, but it is only me.

We did not order any desserts, since we planned of going to Finale shortly after (review coming).

Overall, I enjoyed the appetizers more than I enjoyed our entrées. I will consider going back there, because I find their appetizers to be the most unique and flavorful Indian appetizers I have ever tasted.

The pictures below are the dishes we ordered.

Our Appetizers: Saag Aloo Tikki, Chilli Batata
Our entrées
Our entrées: Raahra Gosh, Bhindi Adrak, Murge Malai Palak

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