Restaurant Review: Witherspoon Grill

Witherspoon Grill
Witherspoon Grill

Last night Irm and I decided to change our traditional Friday night sushi date, and try something new instead. Irm craved a good juicy burger, so we decided to try Witherspoon Grill located in downtown Princeton.

We ordered the Witherspoon Burger meal with the assumption that it wouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to grill a burger with some Fries (I skipped the Fries, not my “free day” yet). To our disappointment, it took 40 minutes for our food to arrive! And, it took about a good 10-15 minutes for our waitress to come back to our table to take our order. To sum it, it took almost an hour from the time we sat down to the time we actually took our first bite.

During the long wait we decided two things. If the table next to us gets their food before we do, we are simply going to leave. The second thing we decided was if the burger is even slightly cold, we will simply leave.

It did not happen. The table next to us got their food after we did, and the burger was very hot.

The burger itself was “okay”, nothing special really. A big chunk of meat, with no distinctive flavor, or “kick” to it. My philosophy on burgers (or any grilled meat for that matter) is that if it needs ketchup to taste better, then it not a good burger. This one did, which didn’t surprise me.

At the end of the meal the waitress apologized for the time we waited to receive our burger, and offered a free dessert. I thought it was nice, but to be honest the dessert wasn’t as great either (again, maybe just a bad choice on our part).

All in all, I don’t know why it took so long to grill a simple burger. Maybe they were busy, or something. The restaurant offers lots of dishes that we haven’t tried yet, thus I don’t think it will be fair of me to draw a conclusion.

Have you ever tried their food? What did you think?

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  • gali

    אני מתה על המבורגרים..
    יש ברחובות את בלאק שיש להם המבורגר ניפלא!!!
    כשתגיע לארץ נלך יחד לאכול שם.. זה בפארק המדע ויש להם הרבה מאוד רטבים מענינים.. יש גם מנת דייט אםזה לא ביום החופשי שלך.. דא?..

  • I actually know where it is :-)

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