Restaurant Review: Yankee Doodle Tap Room

Restaurant Review
Restaurant Review

Last night Irm and I had a craving for a burger (it was my free day, so I was “allowed”). We had a few options that came to mind, but we decided to try a place we have never been to, the Yankee Doodle Tap Room.

I am a very easy person to please when it comes to food, but the burger we ate at this place was below anything I have ever experienced before!

First, it took our burger close to 40 minutes to arrive! In my opinion it is unacceptable, especially when we only ordered a simple piece of grilled meat, and some fries.

Let’s talk about the food a bit. The burger wasn’t hot (it was warm, but not hot as in I just came off the grill hot). It was obvious that it sat on the kitchen’s table for a while, which explains the 40 minutes wait. The burger bun smelled like egg (maybe it is suppose to be this way, but I didn’t like it), and the saute onions where not fresh at all.

I want to elaborate regarding the onions a bit because it really upset me to the point I had to write about it. If you ever order saute onions on your burger, and you find the onions to be a bit bitter, that means that the onions were precooked and reheated. Saute onions (the ones you cook on the spot) should taste a bit sweet, not bitter! The bitterness simply means that the onions were precooked and sat in a container to be used. An outrage!

The fries, the simplest item to make, were “refried” fries. It means that they were fried before, and refried again just to heat them up. My fries were fresh, and Irm’s fries were refried fries, which you could tell by the different colors and consistency of the potato. Outrage number 2!

When we complained to the waitress (not her fault at all, they should fire their cook instead), she took one of the burgers off the list. This does not change the fact that we will NEVER go back there, and I urge you to do the same.

Rate: 1 star


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  • shifra boublil

    למה חיכיתם כל כך הרבה זמן אחרי רבע שעה זה לא הגיע קמים ואומרים ביי

  • בגלל שהזמנו כבר מתאבן. בכל מקרה, נדע לפעם הבא

  • Troy

    You should have used your muscles and pile-drived the cook head first into the table. Unacceptable!

  • I should have, right? This would have never happened in Paris…:-)

  • moris

    תכין בבית הכי טרי וטעים שיכול להיות וכמובן מהיר מאוד מהמחבת לפה…….

  • בדרך כלל זה מה שאנחנו עושים . אבל הפעם בחרנו לשנות. יש פו בורגרים טובים באזור, אבל אני לא יודע למה בחרנו דווקה את המסעדה הזאת. :-)