Restaurant Review: Zen

Restaurant Review
Restaurant Review

Zen is a new restaurant located in the heart of downtown Princeton. It replaces Ichiban Japanese Cuisine, which closed a few weeks ago. The new restaurant offers a combination of different Asian dishes, also known as Asian Fusion. The menu outside looked appealing, so Irm and I decided to give it a try.

The service was a bit pushy in my opinion. I find it very hard to enjoy a meal when the waiter, the owner, and another waitress keep coming to the table every 4 minutes to ask if  the food is okay. I think it is a question they should ask once during the meal, and at the end of it.

The food was a bit disappointing. With the exception of the Basil Tempura, all of the dishes we ordered were bland, and didn’t offer any uniqueness in flavor or look (as the menu outside the window claimed).

The most disappointing dish was the Robatayaki, which was described as skewers of assorted meats, seafoods and vegetables. Just to clarify,  Robatayaki is actually  a place where customers sit around an open hearth on which chefs grill seafood and vegetables. The fresh ingredients are displayed for customers to point at whenever they want to order.

This wasn’t the case in this restaurant. They simply referred Robatayaki as skewers of assorted food. Anyway, this was the most disappointing dish in the menu. To start, the amount was very small, almost the size of half of an asparagus (I am not joking, it was that small).  To add to it, the taste was very bland, and the beef and chicken (dark) skewers we ordered were tough to eat, and exceptionally chewy (not a good thing with meat).

All in all, it was very disappointing. We will not go back there any time soon.

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  • Irm

    In addition to the service being a bit pushy, I thought the service was not very friendly. You got the feeling that you were doing them a favor by eating in their restaurant. The female manager on duty seemed particularly on the edge of her patience.

    Overall: Not a second visit restaurant for reasons of food (mediocre at best) and service (stoic at best).

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