Short Film of the Week: Generation 2010 (Part 1+2)

Generation 2010
Generation 2010

The film is a tragic story in which one of the leading characters, Yusuf, (Salman Khalid) leads an honest and religious life. He encounters many hurdles that he learns to overcome one at a time, until he is diagnosed with cancer and only has a few months to live. Lost for words he confides in his good friend Ali (Haider Shah) for comfort and pleads him not to tell his adoptive parents or his younger brother Saf (Fazal Shah); a young and rebellious teenager who only sees the error of his ways after the tragic death of his adopted brother, Yusuf, whose life was taken unexpectedly early. The little time that Yusuf had left was pulled out from underneath him as he fell victim to a terrorist attack. In a interesting twist to the tail, an old friend, Salman, (Shazad Mahmood) is struggling to provide for his family and will do anything to change his situation, when the terrorists makes him an offer that would solve all of his familys financial needs, he accepts without any second thought.

Generation 2010 is  an award winning short film directed, written and edited by Haider Shah (click here to go to his facebook page where he shares more interesting movies).

Part 1

Part 2

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