Starting Your Own Website? Keep This SEO Checklist in Mind

SEO Checklist
SEO Checklist

Starting your own website is easy. You simply select your domain and host, pick up your CMS, your theme and viola, you have yourself a website. The next thing you do is to test your website grade. Shocked by the poor result, you are looking for answers to get your website going.

Unfortunately, this scenario is quite common among business owners who try to create a website by themselves without consulting at least one Internet Marketing company to help them with what I like to call the “bread and butter” of every website, SEO.

The video below offer a checklist of what your website needs in order to thrive in the Organic Search realm. It covers two categories that are both important for your site’s success: Critical and Worth Checking.


Here you will find important topics such as Keyword targeting, content, title tag, URL, meta description and much much more.

Worth Checking

This list is secondary to the first list, but it is in my opinion as equally important. Expect to find topics such as Meta Robots, H1 title, Capitalization and much much more.

The video is well structured, and definitely worth adding to your archive.

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