7 Points To Remember on How To Grow Your Email List

Hubspot has started a great weekly marketing cast where they present insightful videos by no other than David Meerman Scott. Today’s video is titled “how to grow your email list?” These are the seven points on how to grow your email list: Email list = people giving you permission to communicate with them It is […]

Email Marketing: What is Your Strategy?

I read a very interesting article about Email Marketing today, and of all the many great tips it explained this video really caught my attention. Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact, gave a great 3 minutes interview that really emphasizes the mistakes marketers do when developing and executing an email marketing strategy. After watching this video, […]

Successful Email Marketing (#IMU Lecture)

This post is part of a series of lectures, which you can view here, that cover various inbound marketing topics. The content is from Inbound Marketing University, a training program which I have completed and passed to become an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, and an Inbound Marketing Educator. Today’s topic is “Successful Email Marketing“. What […]