How To: Promote Yourself Without Annoying Your Users

Promotion in the Outbound realm can be very complicated and tiring. First, you need to approve a budget, lots of money if possible to get the best TV time to annoy your audience. Outsourcing, of course, is also an important component when promoting in the Outbound Marketing realm. You need to hire an advertising company to […]

My First Publication At Inbound Marketing University

Inbound Marketing University published my article, The Power of Free, Enter The Behavioral Economics Realm, in their blog today. I am writing this post mainly for future reference, but also to see what you guys think about it. Unfortunately I cannot publish the article on my website (duplicated content/copyrights issue), but I was hoping you can use […]

Is Generation Millennial More Receptive to Online Marketing?

In a survey conducted by Pew Internet and American Project Life about the future impact of the internet, a solid majority of experts said  that “the Millennial generation will lead society into a new world of personal disclosure and information-sharing using new media”. From a marketing perspective, the data presented is good news to any Inbound […]

Impersonal Customer Relationship (ICR)

Smart marketers have long realized that choosing an Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) approaches over a Traditional Marketing  approach, yields more leads and sales to their business. It is also understood that pursuing this type of approach, especially in SMM, entails a change in the way marketers ought to think and act. One of […]

The Future Is Already The Past (2010 Prediction)

It will be presumptuous of me to attempt and predict what 2010 will look like to Social Media Marketers, developers, and ordinary Social Media users such as my wife. When looking at how rapidly the year 2009 changed the way Marketers engaged their customers, and the way Social Media Marketing literally changed everyone’s lives, I […]

Discovering How To Get RTs By Learning From A Bird!

I was watching the New England Patriots game today (broke my heart again), and suddenly I was interrupted by a single tweet sound coming behind me. A bird (a cardinal to be specific) has just landed on our bird house, and was enjoying the wonderful sunflower seeds I filled the day before. Soon after, another […]

IMU Class Review: Advance Marketing Analytics

I really enjoyed yesterday’s IMU Advance Marketing Analytics class. Professor Avinash Kaushik gave an outstanding lecture of how to use Google analytics to measure your website’s success, and a great explanation of what to do if your website does not “take off” as you expected. There was one part during the lecture, however, that made […]

Starting Your Own Blog? A Few Tips To Get You Started

A friend of mine decided to start her own Blog writing  about food, recipes, and different type of cuisines. Being an Inbound Marketer, I thought it was a great idea and encouraged her to do so. However, during our conversation she raised a few questions about what to do, and what tips she needs to keep […]

Misunderstanding of Social Media Marketing

I attended a talk today at Princeton University titled “Blogs, Lulz, and Tweets: Social Media Comes to Princeton“. This is a summary of what I liked and did not like or disagreed with during talk. Liked: I liked the fact that Princeton University is aware of the power of Social Media Marketing,  trying to promote […]

Links, and What You Need to Know About Them

Last week I engaged in a marketing conversation with one of my colleagues discussing “links” on your website. It was totally a random conversation, but nonetheless a very interesting one, which inspired me to summarize the conversation to a blog post. So these are the points you need to know about “links”: You need to […]

Book Review: Marketing 2.0

Marketing 2.0 is a meticulous work of an author who took the extra mile to explain the dynamics of Social Media Marketing, and give a thorough analysis of what works and what does not work in Social Media today. In contrast to other books in the Social Media Marketing field, Marketing 2.0 relies heavily on using […]

Inbound Marketing, power to the people!

One of the reasons I love Inbound Marketing is because of its ability to reach a massive amount of users in a matter of seconds. This could be a great tool if you know your ways in Inbound Marketing ‘land’. It can also be a damaging tool to a brand if their customers know how […]