Ford’s CEO Gets it!

This is an excellent interview with Ford’s CEO, Alan Mually, that took place at this year CES conference held in Las Vegas. What I liked the most about this video is Mr. Mually’s understanding of what consumers want. Social Media, electric car, voice recognition, you name it. The brand new 2012 Ford Focus, for example, […]

The Return of The Mac

Today was a very exciting day to all Mac geeks out there. As you probably heard, Apple held a very exciting event today titled Back To The Mac Event. Too many things were happening today, so I thought of writing them down just for a future personal reference, but feel free to keep on reading […]

An Innovative Social News iPad App: Flipboard

If you have a iPad, you might want to take a look at this FREE innovative new app (iTune link). In brief, Flipboard turns your Facebook and Twitter account into something that looks like a magazine. Instead of scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed, you now can read it as if you were reading Times magazine. You should […]