How to Change your Camera Settings on a Mac

First, I want to thank Darrel Etherington for preparing this video. It is something I always tried to find out (In fact, just yesterday when I was preparing this Video), and now, thanks to Darrel’s post, I know how. The problem is something that most of us have faced in one way or another if […]

Coconut Battery, Monitor Your Mac Battery

If you are a Mac user keep reading, you might find this post useful. If you are not, keep reading, chances are you will convert at some point in your life :) I came across this great app today titled Coconut Battery. This cool app shows you live information about your battery such as how […]

The Return of The Mac

Today was a very exciting day to all Mac geeks out there. As you probably heard, Apple held a very exciting event today titled Back To The Mac Event. Too many things were happening today, so I thought of writing them down just for a future personal reference, but feel free to keep on reading […]