FIFA Will Consider Using Video Technology?

FIFA President, Joseph S. Blatter, has announced today that the file on goal line technology will be reopen. According to Mr. Blatter, “…It is an ongoing process at FIFA and on my personal agenda. In October-November we will present a new model on how to improve high-level refereeing”. I do see it as a welcomed […]

World Cup Mania…In Princeton NJ

I had a great time yesterday with my friends and colleagues, Mitch and Morgan, watching the USA vs Ghana soccer game. It was my first time in Winberie’s American Bistro in downtown Princeton, and all I can say is that I only wish I would have come here with Irm the day before instead of going to […]

Random Thoughts+Heading to Boston+Watching Hubspot.TV LIVE!

This post covers some thoughts that I needed to put in writing (for future reference). If you follow me on Facebook/Twitter, you probably noticed a new status update that keeps appearing in your newsfeed, one that comes with a map and a location attached to it. I am using a new service from Foursquare, which is […]