Restaurant Review: The Istanbul Restaurant (North Brunswick, NJ)

  Last Saturday Irm and I, accompanied by our friend Poshak, dined at the Istanbul restaurant, a place recommended to us by our neighbors.  We arrived at the restaurant around 2:45PM, and had no problem finding a table. Since I was born and raised in a culture that is influenced by Middle Eastern cuisines, there are a few dishes […]

Restaurant Review: Kabab Paradise

  Last week we decided to put an end to our search for a good Persian restaurant. We found a place called Kabab Paradise, located in South bound brook, NJ (About 40 minutes ride from Princeton), and after reading all the great reviews on Yelp we thought we ought to try it out. When we […]

Restaurant Review: El-Sham (Revisited)

    A few weeks ago, while at work, one of my clients asked me if I read the review the New York Times food critic, Karla Cook, wrote about El-Sham. I wrote about El-Sham a while ago, and I remember it to be a good middle-eastern restaurant that lacked a good salad and more authentic […]

Restaurant Review: Cross Culture, Princeton NJ

  Last Saturday Irm and I decided to pay a visit to a new Indian restaurant in town, Cross Culture. The place opened more than 6 months ago, but only now we got to know about it (hmm, bad marketing I guess). Let me jump to the food: For appetizers we ordered some vegetables samosas, which were […]

Restaurant Review: El Sham

Ever since Irm and I moved to Princeton NJ more than three years ago we always looked for a good middle eastern restaurant in our area. After trying numerous places, we failed to find anything that resembled to what we ate in our  favorite restaurant in Boston, or some of the amazing Arab restaurants we tried when we […]

Restaurant Review: Ajihei (Japanese)

Last night we decided to (finally) try Ajihei, a Japanese restaurant located in Princeton, NJ. I’v heard and read many good reviews about this place, and finally I decided to investigate what people rave about so much. The Food Though expensive in comparison to what’s around, it is not without merit. This is the ultimate sushi […]

Restaurant Review: Yankee Doodle Tap Room

Last night Irm and I had a craving for a burger (it was my free day, so I was “allowed”). We had a few options that came to mind, but we decided to try a place we have never been to, the Yankee Doodle Tap Room. I am a very easy person to please when […]

Restaurant Review: Moc Moc Sushi (again)

Yesterday, I finally had the chance to taste Moc Moc sushi. We have been to this restaurant in the past, but I have never tried their sushi before, which I have been told was very good. I ordered the “Transformer Roll” from the gourmet sushi chef menu, which was absolutely delicious. The roll is made with […]

Restaurant Review: Ganges

Last night Irm and I decided to try a new Indian/Pakistani restaurant. We have grown tired of the Indian restaurants we tried in Princeton, and we decided to enrich our South Asian food experience by trying a new restaurant. We ended up driving to Hightstown NJ (10 minutes drive from Princeton) to a place called […]

Restaurant Review: Moc Moc

Last night Irm and I tried a new Japanese restaurant in town named Moc Moc. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the place in the beginning because of its peculiar location (a side street in Princeton that no one ever crosses), but after listening to my colleague raving about the place […]

Restaurant Review: Halo Pub (Ice Cream)

It was a hot day yesterday, and we decided to try and get some ice cream after the not so good restaurant we dined in earlier in the afternoon. We normally do not go to Halo Pub (located in downtown Princeton NJ), but this time we decided to give a chance. It is beyond me how an […]

Restaurant Review: Zen

Zen is a new restaurant located in the heart of downtown Princeton. It replaces Ichiban Japanese Cuisine, which closed a few weeks ago. The new restaurant offers a combination of different Asian dishes, also known as Asian Fusion. The menu outside looked appealing, so Irm and I decided to give it a try. The service was […]

Restaurant Review: Hanami (with pictures)

Last night ,Irm, Babagee (my father in law) and I dined at Hanami Japanese Cuisine just outside Princeton, NJ. We had a great time celebrating Irm’s birthday, and enjoying the great company of her father, which I always enjoy very much. For starters we had an order of Shumai, which was very good. Often time this […]

Restaurant Review: Finale Desserterie & Bakery (Cambridge, MA)

Our next and final stop after the Indian Restaurant, was Finale Desserterie and Bakery in Cambridge. Finale is a place we always associate more with good memories with friends and family,  than with its delicious desserts. We used to go there so often, that by now we are familiar with most of their wonderful desserts. […]

Restaurant Review: Tamarind Bay (Cambridge, MA)

Saturday night we decided to explore some Indian food, and the first place that came to mind was Tamarind Bay in Cambridge. Irm dined in the place a few times, so we decided to follow her advice The restaurant is very small, and located at the basement level. There is something about small restaurants that […]

Restaurant Review: Saray Turkish Restaurant (Boston)

It became a tradition for us to eat at Saray Turkish Restaurant every time we visit Boston. Dimitri, Irm and I ate there last night, and as always were very satisfied with the quality and the authenticity of the food. For appetizers, we had some homemade (really homemade) hot hummus covered with sauté pine-nuts and […]