The Science of Social Media (VIDEO)

Dan Zarrella, a social media scientist at Hubspot, gives a profound lecture about the science of social media. I watched the full hour video, and I have to admit that the information Dan is sharing is absolutely outstanding and a must watch by every Marketer. So, get your coffee and snacks and watch the video below. […]

The Only Presentation You Need To Understand Social Media

Dan Zerrella of Hubspot is known for using science to explain Social Media. The Science of Social Media is probably the best presentation ever created that covers all (literally) aspects of social media. It is probably the only Slideshare presentation you will ever need to understand social media. It has lots of valuable data that covers online […]

Social Media is Bullsh*t (Great Slide Show)

Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at Hubspot, wrote a great article the other day titled Why Social Media is BS, and  I thought it will be important to share some of his slides with you. Often time Inbound Marketers focus solely on social media to promote their business, that they forget that it is only a drop in the ocean called […]

Social Media ROI Does Exist (Proof)

This is good news to any social media marketer: Domino’s UK CEO, Chris Moore, has stated today in the company’s earning statement that their online orders strategy -now account for 32.7% of all orders- is a proof that their web and social media efforts are paying off. Moore also mentioned that “all of these web-based […] Your Social Media Virtual Business Card

Business cards are cards bearing information about a company or an individual, and they are usually printed on some form of card stock. They are not interactive, they cost money, and they waste a lot of paper.  A lot of companies seem to agree on this, and built products that function somewhat as virtual business […]

A Great Social Media Statistics List (reference link)

I came across this very insightful article today titled The Ultimate List: 300 + Social Media Statistics. I enjoy reading statistical data (especially one that deals with what I’m fond of , Marketing), because I find it an accurate tool to analyze almost everything in life. I post this mainly as a reference link for future use, but […]

Promoting Peace Using Social Media

This post is not about politics, but rather my fascination as a marketer by the way social media marketing infiltrated to almost every aspect of our life, including the following example. When you think about peace, and more specifically peace processes, what usually comes to mind are serious faces, world known leaders with expensive suits, […]

How To Manage All of Your Facebook Friends

You finally managed to reach your goal of more than a 300 friends on Facebook, but now you are facing a dilemma: How do you manage to track all these friends? Fortunately there is a solution. Facebook lets you divide all of your friends into small segments, or ‘lists’ (e.g. Family, Best friends, College friends, […]

Inbound Marketing, power to the people!

One of the reasons I love Inbound Marketing is because of its ability to reach a massive amount of users in a matter of seconds. This could be a great tool if you know your ways in Inbound Marketing ‘land’. It can also be a damaging tool to a brand if their customers know how […]