Putting The iPad In The Right Perspective

For the past year now, just like many other tech geeks, I followed the numerous rumors covering the biggest event of the year, the upcoming (now released) Apple iPad. Finally, after long waiting, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the public in an event that was broadcasted live…from an iPhone. Apparently, Apple did not allow […]

When A Traditional Marketing Analyst Speaks [Opinion]

As part of my morning reading routine, I came across an interesting article about the new Google phone, Nexus One. I will not go into details about what this article covered (you can read it yourself when you are done with this post), but I would like to quote one part of this article that […]

Ignorance And Other Mistakes

Traditional PR still exists, and it is uglier than I thought. Last week, while driving to Trader Joe’s, I happened to listen to a talk show on NPR and was stunned by what I heard. They were interviewing a “famous”  blogger (I wasn’t familiar with his name) who was talking, and raving, about the (in)famous […]

From a Diary of a SMM Strategist.

As part of my effort to explain people the power of SMM, SEM, and SEO, I come across some interesting discussions and opinions that I thought would be interesting of sharing with you. One of these discussions occurred yesterday, when I conversed with a client of mine about how to engage his students using online […]