The Strongest Man in The World. How Do You Define Strength?

How do you define strength? Most people will define strength by pointing out an individual human being who is lifting some ridiculous weight for N amount of reps. They will even tell you that currently the strongest man in the world is Zyndrunas Savickas, which is all true. But, do you define strength by sheer power, or rather by […]

Sales Commission, Do They Really Effective?

I read a very insightful article today by Daniel Pink that discusses the effectiveness of sales commission on salespeople performance, and whether they really increase the motivation to sell more. I thought about it, and concluded that even though it might create a motivation to sell more, it doesn’t necessary lead to an increase in sales. I base my conclusion on my past […]

The “Square”

I am very excited about the “arrival” of the Square. It was announced today on both Mashable and Techcrunch, and I truly see it changing the way we do business, and more importantly how convenient the process of online purchasing will turn into. Ironically, in the past week I processed a few thoughts about the […]