The Best iPhone App For Listening to ALL Radio Channels in Israel

Israel Radio Player
Israel Radio Player

I came across this great app called Israel Radio Player (download it here for free), which I am glad I found. The App features every possible Israeli radio channel you can ever imagine. I tried it on a WiFi network and it worked pretty well, although some channels had some buffering issues (I don’t think it has to do with the app itself though). Overall, buffering or not, I find this app perfect for my needs because it includes EVERY possible channel.


Some of the Radio channels you can find there are:

Galgalatz (91.8 FM), Kol Israel Reshet Bet (95.5 FM), Galei Zahal (102.3 FM), Kol Israel Reshet Gimel (97.8 FM), Kol Ha Musica (91.3 FM), Kol Israel Reshet Dalet (90.3 FM), Radio 100 FM (100.0 FM), Arutz Sheva (Stream), Radio 88 FM (88.0 FM), Click FM (Stream), Radio Lev Hamedina 91 FM (91.0 FM), Kol Israel Reshet Aleph-Moreshet (98.4 FM), Reka Radio (88.5 FM), Kol Israel Reshet Hei (Stream), Radio Emtsa Haderech (90.0 FM), AROUTS 7 (105.2 FM), Beat Radio (Stream), Kol Ha Campus (106.0 FM), ClickFM (Stream), Darom 96 FM (96.0 FM), Radio Kol Hay (93.0 FM), Mt. Scopus Radio (106.0 FM), Radio Yasoo (Stream.

This is a very impressive list, I am sure you will agree, make a good use of it.

That’s it. I am off to listening to some Israeli music. :)

Israel Radio Player
Israel Radio Player

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