The Big Pink Elephant

A few weeks ago my friend Rena and I spoke on the phone, discussing some Marketing 1.0 vs. Marketing 2.0 issues. At the end of the conversation, Rena asked me to write an article pretending I was a consumer talking to Marketing 1.0 CEOs, Marketing directors, and some other high positions executives. The result was an article I titled The big Pink Elephant.


Inbound Marketing is described (by some) as any marketing activity that uses the force of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and other wonderful tools that the Internet has to offer to connect with us the consumers. Inbound Marketing is not taking control of conversations, and interrupting consumers with unwanted monologues. Inbound Marketing is about a dialogue between you the organization, and us the consumers. And, in this dialogue we the consumers start the conversation, and decide when to end it.

Inbound Marketing is also a term that some Traditional Marketers, or Outbound Marketers, refuse to recognize as the reason to why the effect of traditional marketing is decreasing, marketing budgets are cut, and traditional marketing jobs are being terminated by large and small organizations.

For as far as I remember, Outbound Marketers have abused their power and endless control to decide when to interrupt our TV shows, interrupt our dinner time with the family using Telemarketing, interrupt favorite songs on the radio by cutting them with advertisings, overload our mailbox with junk mail, and our emails with endless spam offers.

Years of control and abuse of power, that led to alienation, frustration, and resentment by us the consumers.

The days of using this power are over. Outbound Marketing is “dead”, long live the new “king” Inbound Marketing.

Who is this new “king”, and how does he or she look like? The new “Kings” and “Queens” are us, the consumers, the people of the land, the abused victims of unwanted radio advertisings, telemarketing, spam emails, spam mails, and unwanted useless TV ads that no one care to watch.

Outbound Marketers are puzzled. How did it happen? Why did it happen? And, what did we (the Outbound Marketers) do to make it happen?

It happened because Traditional Marketers are refusing to see the Big Pink Elephant in room!

The Big Pink Elephant is the change of power or change of control if you will. That is, we the consumers took back control over our lives. We the consumers now decide when to read, when to “click”, when to filter, when to purchase, when to block, and when to interact with you the giant corporation, small business, large business, private company, and any organization who thinks it can have a monologue with us whenever it desires.

Sometimes I think that the Big Pink Elephant is standing in a room with pink walls, pink doors, pink floor, pink ceiling, and no windows. But it does not. Instead, the Big Pink Elephant is standing in a room with white walls, brown doors, wood floor, white ceiling, and plenty of windows. So why, I ask, Outbound Marketers lack to see it? Why isn’t it obvious to them, as it is obvious to us the consumers, that a change is needed?

While some companies are recognizing the power of Inbound Marketing- and the amount of money it helps save in this economical crisis- others are yet to notice the Big Pink Elephant in the room, and keep engaging us with their marketing monologues that we learn to forget and ignore.

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