The Gizmodo Vs. Apple Case. What Does Jon Stewart Think About It?

Lost iPhone Case
Lost iPhone Case

If you are like me (reading tech stuff, and laughing at geeky jokes), you might have heard/read about the latest Gizmodo/iPhone leak and the ongoing police investigation that is taking place (if not , you can read it here). This incident totally ruined it for me, and I will explain why:.

Part of the allure of any Apple event is the introduction of a new (very) anticipated product, which obviously will not happen because of one smart ass guy who decided to”play” Steve Jobs for one day. I promised myself not to get angry, and to do so I chose to 100% boycott any reading about this case (the more I read the more I find out about the new iPhone, and the more I get angry. Conclusion: stop reading).

However, this does not mean we can not use some humor to soften the “fall”, and there is no better person to do this other than Jon Stewart on his daily show, “The Daily Show“.

Enjoy the video:

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  • Itai,

    I’m watching that episode of the Daily Show right now and laughing my head off. I assume the whole event was planned on Apple’s part, but I could be wrong. Great post.

  • It sure was funny, too funny :-)
    That is an interesting theory you raised there Ron. Do you think Apple planned the entire event as some kind of a viral marketing strategy? If so, it is one of the most brilliant tactics I have seen in the recent year.