The Hierarchy Of Social Media Sites Among Small Business Owners

Social Media Hierarchy
Social Media Hierarchy

I read an interesting article today titled “How Small Business Is Using Social Media”. The article presented data about social media sites that business owners choose to use to interact with their customers. What struck as odd in this article is the fact that having a Blog represented only 39% of what Business Owners choose to use as a way to communicate with their customers. I mean, what is a better way to educate your customers about your services and products than writing about it in a way they can understand?

As the chart below shows (copied from source itself), the most popular social media tools that are being used are also the easiest to create. It does not take more than 20-45 minutes to create a (good) Facebook page or a LinkedIn account (45 minutes if you have a lot of information to upload), but does it mean you are actually educating your customers about your products or services? I doubt it. Facebook, and LinkedIn can serve as a good distribution, customer service and listening platforms, no question about it, but what you really need to ask yourself as a business owner is this: what value am I adding to my costumers? Most likely not as much as writing a Blog about your area of expertise will.

How Small Business Are Using Social Media
How Small Business Are Using Social Media

The reason I think the percentage number of starting a blog is low is quite obvious. Blogging means hard work, period. First, you need to develop a good content strategy, then you need to optimize each page for keywords, and after that you need to find your “writing voice” (and also keep this “voice”), and to top all this you need to find your audience and create GOOD content. As you can now see, starting and maintaining a good Blog is a not an easy task if you have a busy schedule, but so as spending hours on Facebook, and LinkedIn every single day to monitor your clients activity.

The percentage number of starting a Blog is low, yes, but  I reckon that if the chart were to examine the ROI of each of these three social media approaches (Facebook,  LinkedIn and Blog) in the long run, starting a Blog will stand on top of the pyramid.

The Hierarchy of your Social Media approach as a small business owner should place starting a Blog on top, ahead of other social media channels. When people talk about ROI in the social media world, Blogging, in my opinion, can be a significant factor.

Remember this: content is king, no doubt, but creating value for your customers is the entire kingdom.

What do you think? Do you agree that Blogging can provide a better value to Small Businesses than Facebook,  or LinkedIn?

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  • Itai,

    Good post and it makes you think. People do what is easy and what they think works. There is a lot of activity on LinkedIn that may drive business. In my case it has driven people to my website, but a lot of times it’s because I am posting a link to my blog there. If you have a blog and create compelling content for your audience, you will have a leg up on your competition who hasn’t figured it out yet.

  • Thanks Ron.

    I think Blogging has a unique attribute to any business, which is adding value to your customers. If you can educate your customers about a problem, give them a solution, and on the way suggest your services as well, you got a “winner”.

  • Hey Itai, how you doing over seas?
    I hope everything is fine my friend,
    Haven’t speak with you face to face for a long time, but still looking for it.
    Anyway, about what you wrote here, I do agree with you about the requirement of BLOG at any buisness even if in small or big,
    One thing you didn’t mention is that, a buisness, with a Blog can create “new world” and make the costumer seen it through his own eyes without you doing nothing except being a little bit creative with the content you’re writing.
    You can also give the costumer the opportunity to write down his experience about some of your products, cause there are people that it’s easy for them to write things then talk about them, and there is a lot of things you can say by writing and we’re doing it everyday through SMS.

    That’s it for now…
    Promice to read more of your thoughts in the future

    Boaz K.

  • It is great hearing from you, Boaz!

    Thank you for your insights. You are absolutely right with what you said. I see you implement some of the Inbound Marketing tactics with your band. Good job. If you’d like, I have a page on my website that teaches the subject by providing videos. You can find it here:

    Talk soon!