The Only Presentation You Need To Understand Social Media

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Dan Zerrella of Hubspot is known for using science to explain Social Media. The Science of Social Media is probably the best presentation ever created that covers all (literally) aspects of social media. It is probably the only Slideshare presentation you will ever need to understand social media. It has lots of valuable data that covers online users behavioral, types landing pages, graphs, interactions, and much much more. It is really an amazing collection of data. I embedded the presentation below, so feel free to check it out:

The Science of Social Media

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  • Great presentation! You always find fantastic things Itai. I especially enjoyed the Motivation – Awareness – Exposure slides! This presentation is right on!

  • It is an epic I tell you :) It is probably one of my favorite presentations on social media. Dan Zarrella is a genius when it come to putting together such data. Thanks.