The pillars of a good Marketing Plan

Yesterday, August 26th, T-Mobile unveiled its new Android myTouch marketing campaign. I took this opportunity to watch the TV advertising video on YouTube, and two words kept ‘ringing’ in my head, Creativity and Originality, or should I say lack of creativity and lack of originality.

The way I see it, the ad was no different than the Apple iPhone TV ads, only this time T-Mobile chose to use three celebrities to promote its product. My questions are:

  1. Do you expect me to buy the phone just because Phil Jackson is using it?
  2. Since you already decided to copy Apple, why not spend the 30 seconds of air time to show me what the Android can actually do, instead of focusing on Whoopi Goldberg’s smile?
  3. Lastly, if you are going to copy an already existed product, why wouldn’t you add some creativity to it?

There are two elements I consider as the main pillars to a good marketing plan.

The first element is originality, and it is something that can either make your product/service take off, or keep it on the ground.

The chart below provides two examples of Apple’s products that other companies tried to copy and failed (note: I chose Apple as an example, but there are many other examples that fall under this umbrella)

Original Follower Results of Follower
iPod (Apple) Zune (Microsoft) Stayed on the ground
iPhone (Apple)
  • (will) most likely stay on ground
  • Stayed on the ground)
  • Stayed on the ground

Now, would it be correct to say that all the products that ‘stayed on the ground’ are bad products? Absolutely not! These products have a) great features, b) they perform almost every function that the iPod or the iPhone offer, and c) they look great. So what is it then? The answer is simple, they lack Originality! It is a very simple concept to remember, if your idea lacks originality rests assure it will not ‘take off’.

The second element is Creativity. In the customer’s eyes, creativity equals added value to the customer, and added value to the customer equals more customers that are willing to buy your product.

It is no different when a company decides to develop a marketing campaign. Let’s take the T-Mobile video I showed you earlier. It is obvious that T-Mobile is lacking Creativity with its approach (as well as Originality). There are three known celebrities (which represent three different target audiences, but let’s not get into this) presenting a phone on your TV screen. Where is the creativity? Where is that remarkable feature, line, or sentence that separates this product from the rest of the competition, and will make me (the customer) go online and purchase this phone? It does not exist, and it is the reason why these ideas, the ones that lack creativity and originality, are destined to vanish from the market eventually.

Do not let your product vanish. Next time you are working on developing a good Marketing Plan, give creativity and originality a priority, your customers will appreciate it.

I would like to read your insight. Please feel free to comment.


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