The Power of A Thought Leader to Your Website

Your Analytics
Your Analytics

How powerful promotion by a “thought leader” is to your website? Very powerful! The other day a friend, who is also a thought leader in the inbound marketing realm, decided to promote one of the articles I wrote a few days ago. She liked the content in it, and decided to share it with fellow marketers in an event titled #TribeTuesday.

I was curious to see how much affect this type of promotion has in terms of numbers, and was eager to dive into Google Analytics this morning. The results were very interesting:

  • RSS Feed Subscribers went up by 112%
  • RSS Feed reach (total number of people who have taken action — viewed or clicked — on the content in your feed) went up by ~600%(!)
  • Number of views went up by 200%. Surprisingly, only 20% of them came from Facebook (the platform that the article was shared).
  • “New Visits” were ~85%, which is always good.

The marketing takeaway

As you can see, it helps to have your content promoted by others who have already established themselves as a thought leader in the industry. I never thought the article I wrote will drag so much attention, but someone took notice and decided it was good enough to promote. The marketing takeaway is to always focus on good content that can help your readers. Sharing great ideas is one way of doing it. Thank you Günes for helping out.

facebook comments:

  • I’m so honored Itai, thank you so much! This praise truly means a lot coming from you – a colleague I very much respect. And your post(s) deserve all the recognition they get; I love reading your blogs!

  • Thank you Gunes :)