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  • Steve Early

    Itai – interesting observations. It reminds me of a saying that my grandmother handed down. “You could give that jerk a wagon load of gold and he’d bitch because one of the wheels squeaked.”

    While there probably were a number of aggravated free users who lost contact with their Aunt Ginny, I think some of the more vocal complaints came from organizations that probably use Gmail as part of a Google Apps Premier subscription to run their business. Their accounts are not free ($50/user per year) and come with an uptime guarantee if I’m not mistaken.

  • I think I already like you grandmother, she sounded like a smart woman.

    You are right about the paying customers. They have every right to complain, just like I did with Comcast. However, the comments I read on Techcrunch were by free users (you could tell by reading the content in their comments), who were cutting down Google for their “squeaking” wheels. Oh well, you can not please everyone, but you can certainly learn from it as a marketer.
    Thanks for the comment, Steve.
    By the way, Comcast called us yesterday, and offered free subscription to all the movie channels for three months, plus an $80 deduction on our next bill. They get an A+ for customer satisfaction!