Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland



Last week we flew to Edinburgh, Scotland. Irm presented a paper at the BISA conference, so we decided to take this opportunity and turn it into a mini vacation.

We ended up staying in Edinburgh for 5 nights, which proved to be enough time to explore all the tourist attractions the city has to offer. From Edinburgh castle to Holyrood park. From the old town to the new town, Edinburgh is a beautiful place to be.

Beautiful, but also expensive. Plan to spend around £50 a day per person for meals. This excludes visiting the tourist attractions which range between £10-£20 per person (per attraction). Most (national) museums in Edinburgh are free and worth the visit. Other attractions, such as the castle and the whiskey tour will cost you money, but they are all worth it. Definitely pay a visit to Holyrood park where you’ll get a chance to climb Arthur’s Seat. According to the locals, if you haven’t climbed Arthur’s Seat, you haven’t really been to Edinburgh. If you do decide to climb, and I hope you do, make sure to bring proper shoes with you. A good pair of athletic shoes will be fine (climbing shoes will be ideal as it tends to rain most times). A backpack is also recommended.

The weather in Edinburgh was not what we expected (or wished, depends how you look at it). It rained most of the time, and the temperatures were in the low 50s during the day dropping to high 40s at night. Not the kind of weather you’d expect during the month of June. We had two consecutive sunny days, which we’ve be told was a rare occasion. We felt lucky.

As I mentioned earlier, the food is quite expensive in comparison to the States, even fast food such as falafel sandwiches (£7-£11!). There are many grocery stores in the area, which I recommend to use to buy water and other snacks. You’ll save money this way.

Overall it was a great trip. Edinburgh is such a European gem, and we’ll definitely go back there. Check out some of the pics we took below (Click image to view in slideshow mode)

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