Twitter is Dead, Long Live Twitter!


Today was a very exciting day for all marketers around the world. Today was the day Twitter reinvented itself with a new design, updated its iPhone app AND launched (limited to a few companies) the most anticipated feature of the year: Twitter brand pages for businesses. I spent most of the day in NYC so I was late to read all this exciting news (and maybe it is better this way), but when I did get to read it I was so thrilled. Especially the last part, Twitter brand pages for businesses.

There were rumors about twitter brand pages for businesses back in April, but I must admit that I never even thought it was going to be this exciting.

I think this post summarizes everything you need to know about the new Twitter brand pages for businesses. There is no point for me to repeat it.

The feature that I think is the most exciting one is the embedded tweets feature. Giving your readers the ability to reply, follow, favorite and re-tweet without even leaving the web page is a huge advantage. I cannot wait to see how companies and bloggers are going to leverage this one. Below is an example of what I am talking about:


That’s all people. It is time to hit the bed. In the meantime, enjoy the video below. It tells today’s story in less than two minutes.

PS: I might have some exciting news to share with you soon… :)

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  • Anonymous

    Just a quick scan of the new Twitter and I’m off in micro-dreams of 140 calorie sugar plums dancing, or was that a 140 character Tweet?  It appears to be awesome.

  • Hey Gary, 

    I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this. Especially the Twitter brand pages for businesses. From a marketer perspective this is a dream come true…or rather a wish come true ;-).  It will be interesting to see how businesses utilize this feature. Definitely a learning curve there.