Typical Insurance agent, or is it?

This blog post is my personal experience with the various insurance companies, so some of you might find it boring. It is more to my personal record.

As some of you know, I am in the process of buying a new car. Part of this exciting, and definitely exhausting, process is to choose the right  the car insurance. Now, I should probably mention at this point that I am in a bad spot  since I have never owned a car (or leased one for that matter), thus I am considered what they (insurance agents) call “a high risk” (which is a great way of saying that we are going to try and juice your money as much as we can).

My first interaction with the Insurance agent was at the car dealer. The car salesman ran across the street to call the insurance agent, and shortly after he showed up with his brand new limited edition Mercedes  G-Class, parked it on the sidewalk, and ran toward the dealership to meet me (I do not like this kind of eagerness, I think it shows desperation to make a sale). He smiled and introduced himself as Greg. He promised to do as much as he can to help (so far so good). He did, however, mention that since I have never owned any insurance before (or according to him I have no longevity), it will be very hard for him to play with the numbers, but I can trust ( will get back to the trust part later in this post) him that he will do his best.

15 minutes after our conversation I received a phone call, it is Greg with the numbers. “I have given you the best deal I could find”, and I really worked hard for it ” he said (yes, working for 7 minutes is really hard). The price he gave me was  “$1054 per 6 months. Or, $2108 a year (~$175 per month!). I said thank you, and that I will have to “play” with the numbers before meaking my decision.  It did not even cross my mind to call him back for this absurd astronomic number of $175 per month. Remember the “trust” I mentioned earlier? Well, needless to say my intuition was right not to trust the guy from the moment I said hi to him.

Next I called Progressive, you know, the company that uses Marketing 1.0 on almost every tv show. They took the information they needed (Here comes the spam mail), and gave me a price of $148 per month, just slightly better than the competitor.

I decided to skip GAICO since they compete with Progressive, and thus will not be able to give me a significant change in rate.

Next, I called StateFarm Insurance. What I liked about State Farm is the approach. The woman was not pushy at all, and took her time to explain to me all the different rates and fees. We talked on the phone for 15 minutes, before she even asked for my personal information (I liked that part). She gave me a price of $100 per month, but told me that if I come to her office we will be able to discuss the numbers, and see what is most applicable to my situation (her office is only 10 minutes walk from my house, so that was not a problem).

The office was nice and small, which gave me the feeling of being in someones house, as opposed to a big corporate office. To cut a long story short, we managed to get a good package for $89 per month, which about $100 less than what the competitor offered.

StateFarm reminded me what Inbound Marketing is all about. Creating a relationship and having a dialogue with the customer. The other two companies did not even care to ask questions, and like sharks in the water all they wanted was ‘blood’. I appreciate the fact that I had a dolphin to save me this time.

These are the companies with the pricess:

ALL-STATE Insurance = $175 per month

Progressive = $149 per month.

StateFarm= $89 Per month

If you are in the Princeton area, make sure to contact Valerie. She is my new insurance agent.

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  • Irm Haleem

    I like your analogies in this piece (‘blood’ like a shark and ‘dolphin’ that saved you).

  • Thanks Irm.

  • Thank you very much for this imformative piece of text.